Michael Close
President and Chief Executive Officer
CHOICE Administrators

Michael L. Close is the Chief Executive Officer of CHOICE Administrators where he is responsible for two health insurance programs: America’s longest standing, stand-approved private multi-carrier health insurance exchange, CaliforniaChoice®, and the nation’s first ancillary benefits exchange, Choice Builder.

Michael previously served as the Chief Operating Officer where he oversaw information technology, marketing, and strategic business development. Michael worked closely with all of the Word & Brown Companies to ensure strategic alignment between corporate short-term and long-term strategic goals.

Michael was President of Quotit Corp and HealthCompare, two national health insurance distribution platforms, before their acquisition by National General Holdings Corp. in early 2017. Michael was also President of CONEXIS, a leading benefits administration company, before its acquisition by WageWorks in 2014. Michael joined The Word & Brown Companies in 2003.

Michael’s professional background before joining our organization includes senior executive positions with Health Net and American Specialty Health.